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Chemist Warehouse Rebrand
Chemist Warehouse Rebrand
Everything about Chemist Warehouse’s identity is overwhelming. The toxic pink and yellow tags that yell prices at you, the overcrowded layout and slogans everywhere. In an age of medical fear, this identity is adverse to consumer trust and positive engagement.

In order to combat this I wanted to bring the brand closer to home and appeal to ‘the modern Aussie’. I completely refreshed the type and logo. This refreshed identity still plays to the iconic colour identity the brand has established, but simplifies and grounds it by warming it up. In their Linkdin, Chemist Warehouse emphasises that they are ‘a well-loved family business’. Taking this literally - I built a claymation style ‘Warehouse family’ to enact domestic scenes.

The aim of this rebrand is to build atop the established identity, bringing in my take on family life and nostalgia to build trust and solidarity with the brand. Aiming to place it firmly in the hearts and minds of all Australians.
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