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Deep Learning
Deep Learning
Each of us exists within a unique matrix of images
and understandings, often materialized physically.
This project represents my pursuit to visualise the
abstract principles that govern generative imagery.
It enacts the very process through which computers
perceive objects. Taking a selection of objects, I
systematically deconstruct my understanding of

These insights are translated into images and
textures. Image data is gathered and imprinted
onto fabric - a medium that feels the most
tangible and physical – then arranged according
to perceived similarities. This undertaking
becomes an exploration of process, creativity, and

This project delves into our collective concept of
creative labour. The computer is driven by an ideal
of unceasing perfection, producing remarkably
imaginative images through controlled randomness.
What is the value of human creativity, laden with
nuance, error, history and emotion, in the wake of
the machine?
© 2023 by eliza. No guts no glory.
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