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MAST Foundation Rebrand
MAST Foundation Rebrand
MAST Foundation is a cultural and philanthropic institution that focuses on art, technology and innovation. It favours the development of creativity and entrepreneurship, also co-operating with other institutions, in order to support economic and social growth.

The current branding for the Mast foundation is above all simple. It communicates the brand name and not much else, ultimately failing to visually represent the identity of the brand and its plethora of characteristics - access, information, education, art, technology and innovation. My rebrand aims to carefully consider the meaning of these categories whilst drawing from the rich culture of Italy itself, hoping to breathe fresh air into the brand. A rebrand that feels at once nostalgic and completely contemporary.

This rebrand is mainly oriented towards the public side of the brand - reconfiguring its visual identity to emphasise the brands humanist pursuits and its association with creativity and innovation. A stark contrast as to its current heavily corporate identity.

The terms "Technology, Art, Innovation and philanthropy ect.” can be perceived as expansive and abstract -this rebrand aims to capture the simple joy within these categories and emphasise their connective power in society - and thus the connective power of the mast brand itself.
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