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We're Still Inside
We're Still Inside
This is a project undertaken during covid lockdown in 2021. The brief was to take a journey, literal or metaphorical, and create a work along the way. It also must utilise colour as the primary narrative driver.

As there wasn’t much journeying to do at the peak of COVID-19 in Melbourne, my journey focuses on the descent into insanity that I experienced over Melbourne’s many months of lockdown. I captured as many images as I could at the time and slowly compiled them into this image scape. The imagery becomes more surreal and the colours more extreme as your eyes travel from left to right, a reflection on my own experience of the increasing surreality and absence of sense during the two years of covid. The project also highlights that life survives and thrives in funny ways, even in times of immense hardship.
© 2023 by eliza. No guts no glory.
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